Winter Hiking: 7 tips to stay warm for beginners

Hiking in winter is challenging when you have to wake up in the cold. You need to keep yourself warm when you are in winter hiking. You must have to pack extra dry warm clothes and high-calorie foods with you. In winter, hiking is the most enjoyable experience; but it also has some difficulties. If you choose the right gear and follow some tips, you can enjoy your hiking.

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Here are seven tips to stay warm in winter hiking.

1.   Choose uphill trails:

Uphill trails help your heart pumping. Heart pumping helps to blood flowing; it raises body heat. Body heat is best to keep your body warm. When you climb upward, in the opposite direction of gravity, you always push yourself in the opposite direction of gravity. That makes your blood circulation faster and makes your body warm. Uphill trails also make you push yourself reverse of the severity. So, it helps you to make yourself warm by using your body heat.

2.   Cover yourself properly:

Covering yourself with warm and dry clothes is the key element when you are in winter hiking. You must have to choose the perfect material and the perfect types of layers for yourself. There are three types of coverings for winter clothing.

·         Baselayer

    The base layer is essential to keep you warm and dry. Try to wear a synthetic coat that will help to dry up your sweat.

·         Middle layer

    The middle layer helps you to retain your body heat. Try to wear comfortable and warm cloth.

·         Outer layer

    The outer layer has to deal with the weather and keep your body warm and comfortable. So, always use breathable and water-proof clothes for your outer layer.

       You also have to protect your head, hands, and feet. Wear a wool beanie, gloves, and a good pair of socks that keep you warm. Keep extra clothes and extra hats, gloves, and socks, in case you make them wet. Never lose the heat of your heat. If you lose the warmth of your head, layers will not be able to keep you warm. Head heat is essential to retain yourself warm. Wear dry clothes when you are going to sleep.  

3.   Hike with the sun:

Always hike in the sun. In winter, you need to keep yourself warm. Hiking with the sun is the best way to make yourself warm. Apply a good quality sunscreen and walk with the sun. When the sunlight is gone, everything became shady and cold. Layer yourself according to the heat of the sun. Try to catch up with the sun until it is at the highest temperature.

4.   Keep body warming food:

You must have to pack food that heats your body. Do not pack foods that cool down your body warmth. Your body will need double calories than summer for hiking and surviving in the cold weather.

You have to eat more, and you have to eat food that contains high calories. Pack oats and nuts with you. Also, carry some high-protein snacks that you can eat without stopping. You need to keep snacks that you can eat while you are walking.

5.   Keep warm drink:

Staying hydrated in winter is also important, like in summer. Dehydration makes your body weak. Keep a steel mug or bottle so that you can keep your warm water for a long time. Hot liquids increase the temperature of your body quickly while you are in winter hiking.

Try to drink packet soups as a meal. Soup is full of nutrition, and it warms our bodies quickly. Also, keep a warm beverage with you. Beverage helps to heal your body. So, when you are out of warm water, you can use the beverage to hydrate yourself and keep you warm.

6.   Don’t stop moving:

Walking helps to increase the level of blood circulation. Your cloth can retain your body warmth, but it is your body heat that keeps you warm. Walking is best to keep your body warm. When you are moving, your blood level increases, and it makes your body warm.

So, when you are hiking, try to move continuously and keep your body warm. Without body heat, you cannot stay warm. Make sure you are wearing a good pair of boots and cover your body, head, and hand. Wear breathable fabrics, so your body can breathe.

7.   Hand warming packets:

Hand warming packs are a lifesaver when you are camping overnight. These hand-warming packs keep you warm for a long time. At night, sleeping bags and clothes are not enough for the freezing weather during a winter hike. At that time, hand-warming packs work like lifesavers.

If you attach it to your body and sleep, it will keep you warm all night long. If you forget to carry your hand warming packs, you can also use your stainless steel water bottle. Keep warm water in your bottle and put it in your sleeping bags. It will keep your body warm for a long time.


Hiking is the best adventure in the winter season. Many people went hiking to experience this beautiful adventure. By following the right tips, your winter hiking will become more comfortable for you. Never forget to keep extra clothes, socks, hats, and stainless steel water bottles.

These are the essential thing that you must need to have in your backpack. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture your amazing moments. Always keep the things that you are necessary for your safety and comfort. Choose uphill and buy a good tent for your camp. Hiking always gives you a new adventure. I hope my tips will help you when you are in winter hiking. Stay safe and healthy.



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