What is the best food to take camping?

Maintain good health while camping is essential. You have to care about your calorie and dehydration. You need to take lots of hydrating and high-calorie foods. Camping is delightful when you can enjoy it like you want to. So, what is the best food to take camping?

best food to take camping

Backpacking food ideas for camping

You should always have to care about where you are going and what kind of foods you need to pack. So, you need high-calorie and hydrating foods that will keep you energetic.

You can pack packet food or dry food, or can food (like salt, spices, peanut butter, mayonnaise, marshmallow, cooking spray, olive oil, honey). If you have a car and a mini ice cooler, you can also take meat or sausages, or cheese. Packed meals: You can also try the Mountain House brand. They supply varieties of meal kits to satisfy one’s hunger. They have delicious food items that are easy to pack and need a little cooking. 

Nuts, Bars:

Nuts have high calories. You should have carry nuts on any camping. It provides you long term energy and makes you full. Try the trail mix too. You can also pack nut bars.

Cup noodles:

Instant Cup noodle is easy to make. All you have to make hot water and pour into the cup.

Instant Mac and cheese:

Just like cup noodles, it just required hot water. It is so easy and high-calorie snack. Instant foods are the best items for camping.

Instant coffee and tea bag:

Many people’s morning does not start without coffee or tea. It is also suitable for hydrating yourself. Sometimes it also boosts energy.

Beef Jerky:

Beef jerky has protein to satisfy your hunger. It is a portion of dry food, so it is easy to carry, and you do not have to worry about spoiling it.

Dried fruits:

Dried foods are also useful food to take camping. You will not spoil them, and it is easy to eat. Notably, in the morning oats or cornflakes with dried fruit and milk is great to start the day.


Oats are high protein food. It helps to provide energy and easy to cook. 


You can carry eggs. Eggs are the best food for energy. It has a high calorie and protein. Moreover, it helps you to stay active for a long time. You can cook eggs in different ways. You can fry them or boil them or make soup with them. If you are to go camping, you must have to keep this. But be careful when you are carrying eggs. We suggest you use an ice cooler for it.


Sausages are easy to make, and it is a quick recipe. Sausage has salt in it. So, you have to fry them only. You can cut it and use it for veggies or other cooking. Or, you can roast it and make a hot dog.


For hydration, water has no equal. Bring enough water for yourself. You should not drink more water than you need to. Always take enough water so that you do not dehydrate yourself.

Juice or milk:

Drinking water all day is dull. Try to pack some juice and milk packet for you. They will save you from dehydration and help you to gain energy.

Some recipes for the campfire:


Take a slice of bread and spread mayonnaise. Add ham and cheese. Put another slice of food on the top. Cover them with foil paper and heat them over a grill or wood in a campfire. It is so easy to make, and it is excellent food to take camping as a snack or breakfast meal.

Peanut butter & more:

Roast marshmallow. Take graham cracker. Place peanut buttercup. Add roasted marshmallow on it and press with another graham cracker. It is a tasty snack for a campfire.


Take pancake powder mixture. Just fry them in a campfire when you are hungry.

Smoked steak:

When you are carrying meat, you can grill them on a campfire. Add spices and salt as per your wish and cook them nicely. It is an excellent meal with high calories.

Stuffed French toast:

French toast is a smooth and satisfying recipe for a campfire. You can stuff anything in your bread as you want and grill it.

Hot chocolate:

Hot chocolate is easy to make with a toasted marshmallow topping. Chocolate provides anti-oxidant, and it also a high-calorie food.

Sausage, onion, pepper, and potato hash:

However, this recipe is quick. Cut onion, pepper, potatoes, and sausage. Cook them nicely. This healthy recipe is delicious and easy.


Kabobs are very popular for a campfire. It is fun to make kabobs on a campfire. Besides, they are juicy and have a fantastic flavor.

Roasted crabs or lobster:

If you are carrying a cooker and have meat or lobster or crab, you can roast them. And grilling them in a campfire is the best thing for you. You will the smell and the taste of lobster or crab.


Soup is an excellent option while you are camping. It gives energy and protein — soup with eggs or veggies. Or, you can make soups with meat too; it helps to maintain hydration.

We tried to describe all the best foods that you should try while you are camping. So, you can enjoy your next trip. And most importantly do not forget to bring a portable burner!

Camping is an enjoyable part of a holiday or any trip. When you are camping, also try to pack those foods to maintain your health. Carry a trash bag with you so that you do not mess with nature. We hope, you enjoy your next camping trip!

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