Things to know about hiking with your dog

Hiking is a very enjoyable and great exercise. It becomes more enjoyable if there is any companion. There is no best companion than dogs. They are the best friend of humans. Hiking with dogs is more enjoyable and magical than you can imagine. But going on hiking with dogs is not so simple. There is a lot of things to consider and make them learn.  There are some things that you need to know before going on a hike with your dog.

man hiking with a dog

Rules and regulation of hiking

Maybe you can think that you are welcome everywhere with your dog. But that is not the truth. In some National parks and hiking areas, dogs are allowed but not all. So first make sure that the place where you are planning for hiking is allowed for dogs or not.

It is kind of seem harsh to ban dog but we have nothing to do we have to accept that. The authority thinks that your dog can harm the wildlife there or make any odd thing on their ecosystem. That is why many parks and hiking areas do not allow dogs.

So carefully read the instruction about you can bring your dog there along with you or not. If the dog is not allowed and even you take your dog with you, it will cost you a stiff fine.

Before you go on atrial you must know about the rules of this place. It is your responsibility to know it well. That is because you are not going alone on the trail; you are going there along with your dog. Generally, all national parks have pet rules of their own. There are some rules in common like,

Your dog can’t put its waste anywhere. You have to bag the waste of your dog. Dog waste can cause a bad impact on the wildlife there. If your dog puts its waste near any water or lake then it can also have a bad effect on the water supply there. So it needs to make sure that your dog won’t put any waste in public places.

You need to leash your dog the whole time. You are not hiking there along with so you need to ensure that no one is feeling uncomfortable for any action of yours. Not everyone there is comfortable with dogs so you need to leash your dog and it is also easy to control your dog if you leash your dog. Your dog your stay nearby you and you can keep an eye on your pet. It is also a safety procedure.

On a trail, you can’t go everywhere along with your dog. There are many wildlife and plant there. To learn about the place where you can go with your dog.

Safety on a hike

It should be your top priority to make sure of your dog’s safety on a hike. Firstly, you have to make sure that you’re your dog is fit for the hike. To does that go to a pet doctor and check your dog up. A very young and very old dog may not be capable of a long hike. So you need to make sure first that your dog is capable or not. There are some breeds of dogs who are quite good hiking partners than others.

dog wearing safety gear

You should also choose the season carefully. Hot weather is not so suitable for dogs. Dogs are quite more sensible towards heat than humans. So you should not go on a hike in extreme heat conditions.

On this trail, you should bring enough drinking water for your dog. Dogs sweat very low. They do panting for making themselves cool, this could also be a cause of overheating. By drinking water they can make the panting less on the trail. If you don’t bring water along with you then the possibility of drink water from other sources increases.

They can drink water from any poll or pond nearby if you don’t have enough water. In that water source, there can be harmful bacteria or any other thing that can harm your dog. You should not take the risk. So if you don’t want to make your dog sick, you should bring enough drinking water with you.

You have to bring a first aid kit and you also must know how to use it. If on that trail your dog harms himself then it may take some time to take him to the veterinary clinic that is why first aid is very important. Prepare a first aid kit or you can buy a pet first aid kit also.

Flea and Tick are quite dangerous for dogs. Keep your dog away from these.

Train your dog for hiking

A well behaves and well-trained dog is very important for hiking as there will be many other people. Your dog must know the basic obedience skills and they are very important like sit, come here, stay here, etc. your dog should also walk politely while the dog is on a leash.

Another important training is needed with the off-leash. In case the leash slipped or it breaks then the dog should know that he should stay close to you. So you should train your dog. You should also train your dog to keep quiet. When a dog barks then maybe some feel uncomfortable there. So you should train the dog to keep quiet.

training dog on mountain

From preventing the dog from eating something harmful you should also train your dog with “leave it” or “don’t eat” or something like that. These will ensure your dog’s safety and you’ll have enjoyable hiking.


As you are with your pet so you should pack your bag according to that way. You need to keep enough food and water, a dog collar, and a long leash for the dog. For making the journey safe and sound you should bring a first aid kit with you. In your backpack, there must be a pet bowl for feeding your pet. You can also take his favorite toy to play with your dog.


You will enjoy hiking with your dog than ever. The hiking is going to be one of the best hiking of your life. You just need to follow the precaution and act accordingly. With proper training, you can have great hiking with your dog. Train your dog properly and keep these things in mind, hopefully, you’ll have unforgettable hiking with your dog.


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