Saddle Sores: How to Prevent and Treat

The most common ailment of bike riding is nothing but the saddle sore. Almost all of the bikers have to undergo this ailment. It occurs by riding a horse, motorbike, bicycle, etc. Above all, this disease develops in three stages. They are skin Abrasion, Folliculitis, and Abscess.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss how to prevent saddle sores. Certainly, the prevention of this disease is better than treatments. That is why we are giving the directions of preventing this skin ailment. Let’s discuss the ways of prevention of it. 

Suitable Saddle

Firstly, you have to select the saddle that best suits you. Because an unsuitable bike seat causes to sore on your buttock. After that, serious infections like saddle sores occur. So, the main point is to choose the best suitable saddle. It ensures you take fewer pressures. Moreover, you have to ensure a safe and comfortable place on your bike for riding. 

cyclist leaning on the bicycle saddle

Suitable Shorts

The second key thing is to ensure suitable shorts. To clarify, it is the same as selecting a saddle. You must wear the shorts that fit you most. If it is not suitable for you, it can also hurt you and be the main reason for causing saddle sores. 

Using Antibacterial Cream

If you want to prevent saddle sores, first, you can use Antibacterial cream or Chamois Cream. But it is not a very essential thing for all. Those who want to be safe all time use it. However, any Antibacterial Cream or Chamois Cream has some components that prevent the fungus of sores. Moreover, it can prevent germs. 

Chamois Butt'r Her' Anti-Chafe Cream
Chamois Butt’r Her’ Anti-Chafe Cream

In addition, this cream makes coverage of Aloe Vera or Shea Butter and many ingredients. Certainly, these components are vital for the skin. Further, the cream’s viscosity can cut down on chafing between your body and the chamois. You can also use the Petroleum Jelly or Lubricating Gel for reducing frictions. 

Washing Shorts

Another one of the points is to wash your shorts after every wear. Yes, you must have to wash your shorts by using hot water and detergent. Because it will help your shorts to be free from harmful germs. Moreover, this act will prevent the germs of saddle sores. 


What if you do not keep yourself even you follow the above rules? Certainly, all of your attempts will go to the dogs then. That is to say, you have to clean your body regularly. Therefore, after each riding, you must wash. In short, most of us think that it is the primary step to prevent saddle sores. 

Changing the Position Frequently while Riding

Certainly, you will not sit on a chair for a long time. Because you will be bored and your backside will face many problems. To clarify, riding on a bike takes the same process. You have to change your saddle position frequently when you are on a ride. 

Of course, this method will ensure the comfortability of sitting on a saddle. Moreover, you will feel comfortable. If you do not do it, your hip may face friction with a saddle. That is to say, your hip will be hurt. As a result, saddle sores will occur. 


To clarify, resting is the same as changing position. In fact, they are quite the same. You should take a rest from riding for one or two days. It impacts better when you take the resting after some days. 

We know that resting helps to refresh us. Monotonous riding can harm your hip’s skin. Because the friction will run for a long time with the saddle. Therefore, resting is the most important due act to prevent saddle sores. 

Saddle Sores Treatment: Getting Medical Treatment

When you have done all of the above works but haven’t the sores yet, you should get medical treatment. Above all, minor infection of sores does not require medical treatment. But when your sores infection takes a major face, then you had better consult with a doctor. 

Moreover, when you find that your sores don’t get well within some days, you must consult a doctor. 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I stop saddle sores?

Answer: By following the instruction below and reading this article, you can stop or prevent saddle sores. Here are the instructions.

  • Selecting suitable saddle
  • Selecting suitable shorts
  • By using antibacterial cream or chamois cream
  • Washing shorts
  • Cleanliness
  • Changing the position frequently while riding
  • Resting 
  • Getting medical treatment

Does a saddle sore go away?

Answer: Of course, it will go away. If you can detect it very early, then you will get rid of this problem following some methods. But if you cannot detect it early and the infection takes the bitter face, you have to consult with a specialist. But do not worry. The saddle sore will go away if you follow the above instruction properly.

Why do the saddle sores occur?

Answer: Generally, they occur because of moisture, pressure, and friction. Where a biker sits, his/her hip and the saddle of the bike make friction. Moreover, moisture or sweat and the pressure harm the bike’s hip. Thus, saddle sores occur.

Why does a bike’s seat hurt so bad?

Answer: It hurts so bad when your seat is situated too high or too low. For solving this problem, you have to fix your bike’s seat in a medium or comfortable position. 

To sum up

Every problem has a solution. The saddle sores have too. As bike riding is a widespread phenomenon, the riders or athletes are facing this skin disease. Indeed, they can quickly get rid of this problem by following the instructions above. We have described the whole directions that are very needy for bikers or athletes. So, there remains no confusion about how to prevent saddle sores.

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