How to jump a mountain bike? Important steps

Jumping is an essential part of mountain biking. In your tracks, there will be jumps. Everyone wants to do stunts, and everyone wants to go massive on big jumps. Jumping a mountain bike is very simple if you know how to ride a bike. But if you are a beginner and you have no idea about riding, then it is terrifying unless you know these few steps about jumping a mountain bike

cyclist jumps on a mountain bike

First, choose the right jump:

When it comes to choosing the right jump for you to learn your techniques on and learn how to jump a mountain bike, one with the gap is not going to fill; you will gain confidence. Because you are concentrating on clearing the gap, not your technique.

The bunny hop: 

There are three techniques when it comes to bunny hop. Those are the pop, the pull, and the push. Pop it with your arms, pull with your feet, push with your arms to level out that bike, and then relax for landing gently. Those actions are the same when you are jumping, but you are using that lip to assist you in the air. 

The pop:

It is the first bit when it comes to jumping. You want to do here is pre-load your bike before hitting the kicker. Pre-loading means pushing your bike into the ground, lowering your body into the bike, and then when your front wheel goes up the lip, you are moving your weight over to your pedals.

When your back wheel reaches the bottom of the kicker, explode upwards, pulling upwards on the bars and guiding your bike into the air. As your back wheel continues to ride up the lip, continue to explode upwards by standing tall. A bunny hop, but you are letting the rim manipulate your bike.


This next step is getting that back wheel up into the air. You want to do curl your feet on pedals, and pull up by using your hips and the feet together. If you are wearing clips, don’t rely on the clipped shoe to pull up that rear wheel. Because it is not a proper technique, and it could get you into some situations.

So, keep practicing that curl, and lifting, pulling the bike up into you by using your hips. You will get it. You are finding that your feet are coming off the pedals. It is down to your technique. You are curling your feet, but you are just lifting your knees. You have to use your hips as well to bring up that back wheel. 


The third step is the pushing motion. You are pairing up with phase two, whereas you are curling your feet, you are lifting with your heels, and pulling up with your hips, but doing that you pair it up with pushing as well. While you are doing that you are leveling your bike out. When you level your bike out, you relax, and you brace for the impact. Get that landing, and you have got it.

A few extra tips on how to jump mountain bike:

Start with practicing your jumps on a tabletop jump. That is a jump with a field in the middle, not like a double. Like you have to clear to get to the ending, it is more comfortable psychologically. So, you don’t have a significant gap in the middle, and also you can spend some time building up jumping further and further, without any risk of crashing. Always remember that the big tabletops can be just wicked as double if come up short off them. So, start with small to medium-sized jumps.

Before you hit a jump, check your suspension. You do not want a suspension that is too soft. That can bottom out on the take-off or can get sketchy on the landing. Especially, if you have got full suspension bile, check the rear shock. It is a lot safer to have the rebound quite slow, so you can see when you push the button down it pop-up in seconds.

That is, therefore, can be predictable on take-off. If your rear shock is too fast, it can compress, pop back, and send you to know died in that horrible feeling. To slow down the rebound on your shock, turn the rebound knob clockwise. 

Common mistakes on jumps:

Dead sailor: 

This is basically that feeling when you get in the air, and you get stiff and go sideways that you don’t want to. That can end in the bike kicking out on you or the front wheel coming up in the air. It is more often than not caused by people pulling with their arms on the take-off. So, go back and look at your manual technique and make sure you are using the hips again to drive the front wheel up into the air and not pulling on the handlebars.

If you are using your arms to pull the front wheel up more often than not, your bars will go slightly sideways because your pulling is not judged perfectly between two arms. So, make sure your arms are straight, and your hips are back.


Pump hard into the take-off and try to drive that front wheel up as hard as you can, so that the front wheel stays up high, and then you can pick up the back wheel. Pump hard into sharp transitions to stop nosediving.


How to jump a mountain bike? The most important part is: You have to judge the gap for take-off and judge how much speed you need to hit it. The thing about this is that you cannot learn it from someone else telling you. You need to get out there, try loads of different types of jumps, and your judgment will improve with time.


Mountain jumping is a fundamental skill that every mountain biker should learn. You cannot learn it by reading books or articles. Practice will give you knowledge about how to ride and when to jump. It is not very difficult for mountain bikers. Few practices showed you the way on how to jump a mountain bike.

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