How does rock climbing affect your body?

Rock climbing creates excitement in our bodies and mind. It is adventurous; we can consider it as an exercise as well. We can say that rock climbing is an adventurous exercise. How does rock climbing affect your body? It needs a lot of physical work. When you are climbing, most of your body parts move continuously. It affects most of our body parts, such as the core, arms, legs, and back.

You have to perform it outdoors; there is nothing like that. You can perform it indoors as well. Most of the time, rock climbers use some safety equipment. However, the excitement lovers love to do it freely, which means without any safety equipment. Rock climbing is all about making health with thrill. Go through the article to know that how does rock climbing affects your body.

Rock climbing increases flexibility

Rock climbing eventually increases your flexibility. Rock climbing requires many movements. Movements of your full body and all sides such as left, right, up-down. It increases flexibility, but it needs flexibility too.

If generally, you do not move much, climbing will not be easy for you. Practice will make climbing easier. Flexibility is not only necessary for rock climbing; it also requires in your daily life. It makes you more active and decreases the chances of muscle injury. Moreover, rock climbing helps you to get relief from joint pain.

Increase strength

One of the most awesome influences is it strengthens your muscles. During climbing, you have to hold up and lift your body weight for a long time. This will make your muscles stronger. Rock climbing involves your full body muscle, such as your upper and lower body, shoulders.

First, you have to use arms and hands to hold tight. Then with the help of your hands, you pull your body up. At last, your legs help you to climb. In all these procedures, you use your full body muscles, and it makes your muscles stronger. This will help you in many ways and will increase physical performance.

Increase brain activity & mental health

Rock climbing provides a lot of brain-work and pressure. Climbing through many challenges and problems towards you. You have to think, solve problems and make the right decision within a short time. Climbers face so many problems such as where to step, what to hold, how to balance the body, and so on. Also, they have to solve the problems to climb. 

Your every changing position makes you think and choose a better placement. These challenging moments increase your brain capabilities and reduce stress. The whole procedure makes your mind more active. It improves your brain activity. Besides, rock climbing also keeps you away from stress and keeps your mental health sound.

Improve grip strength

Climbing requires a strong grip. Climbing will help you increase grip strength when your life or safety depends on your grips as tightly as you can. You will need a strong grip for climbing. During climbing, you have to grip various kinds of rocks.

Depending on or with the help of your grip, you have to push yourself up. That means you have to push your full body weight with your grip. Practicing this improves your grip strength. A stronger grip will also help you in your daily life because it will increase your ability to carry heavy-weight.  

Preventive of the disease

The movements during climbing are great exercises. It prevents long-lasting diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, mental health, and high cholesterol. If you have health issues, climbing may help you reduce the issues.

If these diseases still do not affect you, climbing may prevent you from doing so. Climbing develops muscle, and it may help you with developmental coordination disorder. Climbing affects the upper limbs of the body much.

Burns calories

We always find burning calories, exercises of diet boring and difficult. Climbing is a way where your calories reduce with excitement, and you will not be aware of it. You will burn calories with fun.

How many calories will burn depends on your gender, age, height, and weight?

The average person may burn up to 899kcal per hour climbing. Moreover, the average woman may burn 774kcal per hour of climbing. To burn this amount of calories will need an intense form of exercise. When you climb up, it burns more calories than coming down.  

Improve cardio health

Rock climbing is a great choice for cardio exercise. Rock climbing takes huge force and increases heart rates. It takes heart power as well. Climbing stresses the heart and lungs because balancing and pulling up takes huge energy.

It is like cardiovascular training. So climbing will improve your cardio health. Rock climbing is similar to stair climbing. During climbing, your continuous moving up, down, and both sides make your lungs and heart pumping. It makes your heart healthy.

Improve balancing power & weight loss

Balancing is an important thing for climbing. During climbing, you have to hang for a long time. Your balancing power will ensure your safety. The more you can keep balance, the more you are safe.

You cannot stay static during climbing. Staying at one point, you have to set your foot forward. Rock Climber has control over each muscle of the body that enables you to stay stable. Being careful about balance and climbing improves your balancing power as well as helps you to lose weight with time. It helps to increase stability in your body.


We hope you will get the necessary information about how does rock climbing affects your body. No doubt, rock climbing is beneficial to health. You have to think twice; if you have health issues, consult your doctor and get the confirmation. If you are an arthritis patient, you will find it tough to climb. 

Rock climbing affects all the joints, so arthritis patients may suffer much more than having fun. With other health issues, you also can climb mountains with the help of your instructor. In your early pregnancy, you can go climbing with your doctor’s opinion. Later on, the increased weight and the baby bump may create problems to climb. Otherwise, rock climbing is a great source of exercise with pleasure. Hope you enjoyed reading this article on how does rock climbing affects your body!


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