Hiking with kids: 7 important tips for parents

 Hiking with kids: 7 important tips

Children are usually fickle and playful. Handling a kid is quite difficult on a hike if you don’t know how to do so. Hiking with kids can be fun if you know the right tricks. Hiking is an adventure and it will help you to make beautiful memories with your kid. There are many things to consider before going on a hike with kids like safety and handling them. By following some simple guidelines you can have fun with your kids. They are:

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1. Select a suitable hiking place

When you are hiking along with your kind then you should choose the hiking spot carefully. The place shouldn’t be too long to walk on and in that place, there should be some features. Select a place that has a waterfall, alike, or something on that our kid focuses on. That will give your children a goal that he/she wants to achieve.

The features of the place should be at the end of the hike because only then it will motivate them to go there.  In simple words, the place should have a final destination to reach. With kids, hiking is all about the journey so if your kids can’t do it anymore then don’t force them. you should Appreciate them for their effort. 

 2. Bring enough fluid and water

Always pack more food and water than you think need while you are on a hike with your kids. As they walk they will become thirsty soon. So you will need water for them very often. Stay hydrated is necessary on a hike. Give your kid a water pot of his/her.

You should tell them to drink from there whenever they feel thirsty. It will help them to keep hydrated and give them the energy to move on. At the endpoint of the hike you can also do a small picnic it will refresh your kid’s mind. So bring some extra food along with you. You should also pick some energy bars or fruit bars for your kids.

3. Prepare for any weather

If you select a mountain for a hike then you should prepare for big changes in climate. Even if there is no possibility of rain but you should bring rain accessories with you. That is because you are hiking with kids so you can’t afford any risk. If it rains, they will fall sick. So you should prepare for it.

Always make sure the clothes you kids are wearing are warm enough. You should also bring extra pairs of clothes, shoes, and socks for your kid. If there is a lake or water nearby then it can get wet or they can make any damage to their shoes. So always carry extra pairs with you.

4. Make the trip fun

Kids are always fun-loving. So you should try to make the hike as fun as possible. During the explore time always talk with them about their interests. Talking while walking won’t make them realize how far they come and how much further to go on. It will seem to them that they walk a little even if they walk for hours.

You can also play some fun games to make it fun. This will motivate them to go on and they can also have fun. So it will be doubly beneficial for them. On that hike, you can find wildlife or many types of flowers out there. You can also play a question-answer to make it fun. These different activities and games will help him to go on the hike.

5. Let them explore and lead

Kids love to think that they are in charge. So you should give them the scope to lead. This will enhance and motivate them to move forward. If they want to take a turn let them do it. It will make them think that they are leading the groups. If you are along with more than one kid then make sure to rotate the lead. You should also give them enough time to stop and explore.

On the hike, if they find something interesting then stop there and let them explore. It will help them refresh and they will also get some rest. After that explore they will start walking with double effort. So notice and take care of these little things they are very important for kids.

6. Backpack and energy stops

You need to carry several things oh hiking. For carrying them a backpack is very necessary. One needs to properly manage the backpack and make sure that everything is in the backpack. You have to also ensure that the backpack is not so heavy because a heavy backpack will be so hard to carry. For your kid choose a little backpack or even a fanny pack that will work. In that fanny pack put all his important stuff.

Frequent energy stops are very important for kids on a hike. Kids get tired very often so energy stops will help them to get rid of the tiredness. Keep talking with your kid that we will have a break after a time and this will motivate him to move forward. On the energy, stop drink some fluid and give your kid some energy or a fruit bar to eat. Stop there for some minutes and after that start your journey again.

7. Bring a first aid kit and learn how to use it

A first aid box is a very important thing to carry on a hike. The kids won’t like to stay in one place. They like to move around. That is why they often hurt themselves. So a first aid box is very important. You can easily buy a first aid box or you can also easily assemble them. On that box, there should be enough doses for kids and adults.

Most importantly you should know the use and apply the method of all things that are in the box. You can learn the use method by reading the instruction or you can also learn it by watching videos. There many a lot of videos you will find online to learn the uses and apply method. This will help you to have a safe hike.


On a hike, you can make beautiful and magical memories with your kids. The outing will help your kids to break their daily routine life and get to do something new. Let your kids explore and learn new things. So grab your backpack and go on a hike with your kids for a good time and some magical memories.


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