Full-Moon Hikes: 5 Important Hiking Safety Tips

Hiking under the full moon is an amazing experience. Also, you will get a totally different type of adventure. You could not hike on every trail at night. Though it is full-moon or not. There are lots of safety issues when you are hiking at night. So, every trail is not safe for you. 5 important hiking safety tips on a full moon hike.

There is something peaceful and extraordinary about hiking at full-moon night. Nowadays, hiking at night is getting popular. People like to hike at night in calm weather and in peace. Hiking at night is beautiful, but it is also dangerous and challenging.

So, you have to know some important safety tips when you are hiking at night. You might have some scary moments of night hiking. But in the end, you will be grateful for your decision. Night hiking is a magical adventure when you are hiking under the full moon.

full moon at night hiking

There are 5 hiking safety tips for the beginner who wants to experience hiking under the full moon:

1. Wear heavy outfit:

In day hiking, you keep your outfit light and comfortable for sunlight. But when you are hiking at night, it is essential to wear a heavy outfit. Wear a jacket or jumper or layer of full sleeve t-shirt, socks. Which makes you feel comfortable and warm. But don’t get overdress. It will make you sweat and uncomfortable.

Because there is no sunlight and hot weather at night, you might wear some layers of clothes to make you feel comfortable with the weather. There is calm and kind of cold weather at night. So, if you don’t want to get sick or have bad hiking; wear a good layer of clothes.

2. Keep yourself safe:

When you are hiking at night it is obvious you have to face new challenges and difficulties. Always hike a known trail. So, you don’t have to panic about getting lost. Choose the right location for your hiking. Because you are hiking at night, keep your backpack organized. That will help you to find your things easily when you need them.

When your backpack is organized you know where you keep your things, so you can easily find it. Bring a cellphone when you are hiking at night. You will able to contact people when you are in a problem or need them.

You can also use a two-way radio for contacting people. It will be wise if you hike at night with groups or several peoples. You will have some extra confidence and you will feel positive. Never go alone for night hiking. It will be dangerous and damning.

Hiking at night will give you an experience of different kinds of night bugs. They always came out from their homes at night for different reasons. Always wear a bug lotion when you are hiking at night. It will save you from insects.

3. Aware of wild animals:

As we are discussing above that night hiking is not safe. You have to aware of wild animals. Wild animals always keep roaming at night searching for food. Always keep your mind and ear aware of every noise. Even you are hearing a noise of walking be alert and hear carefully about what kind of sound you are hearing. Tell your companions about it and make it clear what actually it is.

Carelessness can be deadly for you. So, keep yourself and your companions aware when you are hiking. Don’t be talkative at night hiking. A wild animal can be aware of you and try to attack you for their safety or they can see you like their food. Stay calm and quiet while hiking at night. Walk slowly and keep your light downwards. Don’t irritate wild animals. You might have to pay a lot for this.

4. Have some safety and essential tools:

Keep some safety tools with you like a knife, GPS, lighter. GPS will show you the map of your hiking area. In this way, you will not get lost and stay safe. Have a lighter or fire making instrument. When you are hiking at night you must need rest or need a tent for sleep. Always keep lighter to make fire. You need fire to cook food, keep yourself warm and keep yourself safe from wild animals.

You also need a hiking pole. Hiking poles are not for only day hiking. You need them most at night hiking. You could not see properly so for walking carefully and for not to fall over a rock or something, always keep your hiking pole with you. You need a torch or headlight or headlamp or flashlight. Whatever, you prefer for yourself for night hiking. Make yourself comfortable with the full-moon light. But keep your light downwards. In this manner, you can see properly and keep yourself safe. Use the right choice for choosing good light on the basis of your eyesight.

5. Walk carefully and gently:

Always walk slowly or gently and carefully when you are hiking at full-moon night. Wild animals have more eyesight power than humans. They can see further than humans. It will be erudite if you walk calmly. On a hiking trail, there can be a snake on your route. If you don’t walk carefully you could step on a snake and get yourself a bite from the snake. So, stay careful in every step and walk carefully. Try to make less noise of your step and try not to disturb the wild creatures.

Final words

Hiking at full-moon night enlightens you with some gorgeous and magical views. Keep a camera with you to capture your beautiful memories of the full-moon night. Hiking is always challenging. At night it becomes more challenging. Always try to keep yourself safe and comfortable. As a beginner, keep a regular night hiker with you and choose the right location. Otherwise, you have a great chance of getting lost or having more difficulties. On the above, we show you 5 hiking safety tips that you must need at hiking. These essential tips will make you hiking comfortably and less struggling.



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