Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 for Men & Women

Because you have to take it on the mountain by riding, that is to say, and you must select the best bike with a lot of opportunities. On the other hand, you will face the bolt from the blow situation. Many of us don’t bear the knowledge of a mountain bike.

Moreover, they don’t know its features, remarkable forms, and the like. There is a term that a man is not on the wrong side of errors. So, we are now going to inform you about the best mountain bikes under 500. So, let’s begin.

What are the best mountain bikes for $500?

Answer: Most importantly, you will find many bikes for 500 dollars. Some of the best mountain bikes under 500 are (ranked in order) –

01. 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

To clarify, this mountain bike is one of the best mountain bikes. It is an all-out effort different from others. Because this bike has disc brakes and an aluminum frame, that is to say, it is a trendy mountain bike. Further, you can have it at around rate. On the other hand, you may make a bad bargain to buy a powerful bike. You may fall into a fish out of water situation.

But this bike has the feature of low rate. And it will cost at best 500 dollars. So, if you want to have a great bike at all costs, this is the best one to buy. Certainly, all your efforts will bear fruit if you buy this bike.

SpecsSpecial Features
Size: 15″
Frame: Aluminum
Brake style: Disc
Speeds: 24
Suspension: Dual
Wheel: 26 Inches
Quick-release wheel
Steel handlebars
Narrow chain
2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

02. Mongoose Status 2.2 for Women and men

Meanwhile, another far and wide reputed bike is Mongoose status 2.2 women mountain bike. It is very popular because it has the fast and foremost features. For example, 21 speeds system, aluminum frame, dual suspension are the key features. That is to say, and if you don’t go in to buy the best bike, your money will go to the dogs. So, you’ve to be very conscious of buying a mountain bike. In short, this mountain bike is very suitable for women.

You should not compromise in any case. Moreover, its price is worthy of buying without jumping at the offer. Finally, the main feature is that this is an amazing product for women.

SpecsSpecial Features
Wheel: 26 Inches
Suspension: Front
Speeds: 21
SRAM twist shifters
Durable alloy wheel rim
Stable knobby tires
Features height adjustment
Mongoose Status 2.2 Womens

03. Mongoose silva mountain bike for girls and women

Likewise, the mentioned bike above, another bike for girls and women is the Mongoose silva mountain bike. Above all, if you are a girl and want to ride on a mountain, the Mongoose silva mountain bike is here. Because its features are very attractive. For instance, this mountain bike has all the features such as a good frame, front and rear features, and the like. Further, in points of services and terms, it is in our best mountain bikes under 500 list.

Moreover, this great product has front-rear stopping aid in a speed control system. To clarify, this bike is a host in itself. That is to say, and you can buy it without any doubt. In addition, another key feature is its strong riser handlebar.

SpecsSpecial Features
Wheel: 24 Inches
Suspension: Front
Size: 24-Inch Wheels
Frame material: Aluminum
Color: Pink
Speeds: 21
Hydroformed tubing is very strong and long-lasting
Wonderful color and design
Mongoose Silva Mountain bike

04. Schwinn Mountain Bicycle and High Timber Mountain Bike

Bike riding on the mountain has become a very popular activity certainly. Though many of us don’t like it, above all the young generation is very fond of it. However, the Schwinn Mountain bike is another addition for bike lovers. That is to say, bike lovers and thrillers are buying this mountain bikes under 500 in plenty. In short, for any trail, it is preferable to others.

This amazing mountain bike has some special features. For example, it has wide knobby mountain tires, sits on light and durable alloy, and so on. So, to have this bike, firstly you should know its forms. Secondly, be aware of the pros and cons.

SpecsSpecial Features
Wheel: 27.5 Inches
Size: Adult
Frame material: Steel
Speed: 21
Twist shifters with a rear derailleur
Schwinn Mountain-Bicycles High Timber Mountain Bike

05. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men & Women Mountain-Bike

Certainly, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s and Women’s Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes. But nowadays, many of us hunt for colors and a good look. To clarify, only the color and the good look-up are not the only features to buy a mountain bike. As a result, they fall into the bolt from the blow situation.

However, it is a product with 24 speeds, a lightweight aluminum frame, and what’s not. In addition, its full suspension and red/blue colors are special features. So, don’t fall in a fish without water situation and buy this best bike. You will triumph over it if you follow the pros and cons as well as the special features. This product is nothing but the best one.

SpecsSpecial Features
Wheel: 26 inches
Suspension: Dual
Speeds: 24
Material: Steel
Varieties of color and design
Front suspension fork

06. Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike

Above all, there are many bikes under 500 dollars. But you won’t find the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars with a lot of facilities. You must yield to this situation. If you buy a normal bike without knowing its pros and cons, then it will become a deadlock product. But it is nothing to worry about this because the Hiland Mountain bike is a bike of under 500 dollars with some extraordinary features.

For example, the suspension front, 21 speeds for adults are the sophisticated features of this bike. That is to say, and this bike is worthy of buying. We are quite sure that you will say “I have got fancy for this bike.”

SpecsSpecial Features
Material: Steel
Wheel: 26 inches
Size: 18 inches
Color: Black and White
Required assembly tools included.
Free pedals
hiland mountain bike

07. MOONCOOL Adult Mountain Bikes

The MOONCOOL Adult Mountain Bikes with flexible height is another new addition to mountain bikes. To clarify, you can say that the bike is all in all. This bike’s key features are the brake, 7 to 21 speeds system, and both aluminum and steel frame options. It is nowadays a going concern for the sellers. Certainly, under 500 dollars, this bike is anything but one of the best 10 mountain bikes.

Moreover, you will find this mountain bike more or less with some special features. Further, the MOONCOOL Adult Mountain Bikes will provide you with a double-disc brake. That is why this bike is in our best mountain bikes under 500 list.

MOONCOOL Adult Mountain Bikes
SpecsSpecial Features
Material: Steel
Wheel: 26 Inches
Speeds: 21 Speeds
Suspension type: Dual
Both for men & women
Both assembly tools and manual

What to look for when buying the best Mountain Bikes Under 500?

Finally, we have learned about the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars. But many bike lovers do not know how to buy a mountain bike. As a result, buying a mountain bike seems a hard nut to crack to them. Therefore, we are going to give the buying guide section with some questions and answers. If you follow the instructions, you can find out the best bike for you. So, let’s discuss.


Above all, the body is the main part of any bike. You will find the bodies of aluminum/ stainless steel or normal steel. If you are here for a nice and lighting bike, then an aluminum-based body is perfect. But you can also take the stainless-steel body and normal steel body. To sum up, this is your matter.


Most importantly, you should select the steel pedal because it lasts long.  Moreover, this pedal is a going concern matter for the seller’s day by day.


To sum up, you have to cope with the bike. That is to say, and you should select a comfortable seat. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy a long trial. The seat of a mountain bike is the all in all part of a bike. Therefore, you have to be more careful about it.


In conclusion, the brake is the super and top important part of a mountain bike. Because it helps to speed down or stop the bike. Moreover, a biker has to stop his/her bike all of a sudden. If they do not do this, then he will fall victim to an accident. Consequently, they may face death suspension. So, a biker has to be more cautious while choosing the brake. You will find 2 types of brakes. First is the disc brake. And the second is the pressure brake. To clarify, a disc brake is better and safer than a pressure brake. Now, the choice is yours.


Certainly, the suspension is another crucial part of a bike. In the same vein as brake, you may find two types of suspension. The first is full suspension, and the second is half suspension. We can also say the half suspension is a hardtail. Firstly, full-suspension means the jumping part with front and rear side, but hardtail means only the front side.  If you are a mountain biker, you have to choose the full suspension.


Meanwhile, mountain bike riding is a household word, of course. That is to say, and bike lovers are showing more interest in it. But, unfortunately, many of them are not totally of choosing the best bike. As a result, they remain in a dilemma. Likewise, the wheel is another great dimension for selecting the best mountain bike for the suspension, brake, and many other things. Therefore, you have to get a strong wheel. To sum up, a good mountain bike will provide you with its best wheels and features.

Buying platform

If you think of having a bike from a department and a shop, you are on the wrong track. Because a department will not give many facilities, they will not provide you the guarantee and warranty facilities. In other words, they will deprive you of many facilities and opportunities. Therefore, you should buy a mountain bike from an online shopping center and an agency. Moreover, you should bear in mind this point all along.


a) Is a 500-dollar mountain bike worth for trail?

Answer: Of course, a bike of 500 dollars will do for the trail. But have a clear conception of the pros, cons, and special features. In short, keep the conception about the pedal, suspension, wheel, and the necessary things. Though 500 dollars is the lowest rate for a mountain bike, it will easily do for the trail.

b) Can I get a decent mountain bike for 500 dollars?

Answer: Certainly, you will get a perfect mountain bike for 500 dollars. Meanwhile, many bike lovers or riders are buying bikes for 500 dollars. Moreover, we have mentioned the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars and their features above. So, glance over the article.

c) What are the best mountain bike brands?

Answer: Well, to tell the best brand of mountain bike is not so easy. Because there are many brands of mountain bikes, moreover, prices, quality, body-color, and material, suspension make the differences between bikes and their brands. So, some of the best mountain bike brands are:

To sum up

Riding a bike is the most excellent hobby nowadays. In other words, it has attracted people who like travels, trails, and so on. Mountain bikes are the main demandable product at present. But it becomes a hard nut to crack if you are not aware of this great product.

Therefore, we have discussed the best mountain bikes under 500 and their pros, cons, and special features above. If you follow these instructions, you will not face any Gordian knot situation. As a whole, you can get the best mountain bike through these instructions.

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