11 Best Bicycle Touring Destinations in the World

Traveling refreshes our mind and soul. It gives us the courage and opportunity to taste the adventure in life. Sometimes it is a little costly, and sometimes it is cheap. You can also enjoy the experience with touring bicycles. It gives you a different type of adventure. If you like to ride a bike, traveling with it will provide you with pleasure. Here, we describe beautiful places like France, the US, Netherlands, Austria, Argentina, Chile, etc. These places are the best bicycle touring destinations in the world.

1. Strasbourg, Paris, France:

Several places in France are great for cycling. Strasbourg is a little city with a stunning view. It is an excellent place for cycling. The flat roads of Paris and the beautiful environment make it a perfect place for biking. They have careful drivers and slow traffic. They provide bikes at rent to explore. It is a great place to adventure by cycle riding.

2. Madison Wisconsin, United States:

Madison, Wisconsin, has one of the most widespread bike path systems and the most significant number of bike owners in the US. This trail offers 17 miles of beautiful scenery. Boulder, Colorado, is one mile above sea level. During the summer, the high mountains beckon, and cyclists stick to the sunbathe plains in winter. San Francisco in California is a classical city for bike riders. It provides lots of facilities for cyclists.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Netherland is often called the heaven of cycling. Here, you will find some bike-friendly cities; Amsterdam is one of those cities. You will discover bike-friendly routes here. You cannot adventure this place without a cycle. There are more than 800,000 bicycles here; we can say their population is less than bikes.  They also provide a cycle rent service for tourists to explore. They also have guided tours for newcomers.

4. Black sand beaches, Iceland:

Iceland is a beautiful country with unique landscapes. Cycling in Iceland can be challenging. It can be rewarding too. You need to be sure at first to use mountain bikes for the gravel roads. If you ride the Ring Road, you can find flatways in the south and western regions. The Ring Road is easily accessible. There you can closely see the most stunning waterfalls and landscapes. You can also enjoy Lava fields and mountain areas with enormous glaciers. Black sand beaches are even enjoyable. You may see the most beautiful northern light in Iceland.

5. Otago peninsula, New Zealand:

New Zealand is the best place for adventure if you want to adventure. This country is full of supernatural beauties. For fresh ocean air and wilderness, the Motu trail is a perfect choice. You can cycle in all seasons here. The Otago Peninsula is also a fantastic place for Cyclingcycling. You do not have to be an expert cyclist on this trail. You will find some great views of the ocean, which will give you comfort.

6. Montreal, Canada:

Each year, this city hosts a bike festival. All ages of bikers are allowed to show their skills. It has 600 kilometers of bike paths, designated trails, and good supplies for bikers. You can explore and adventure the city by cycling. It has  If you like bicycle touring, you should try this place. You will not regret the lovely scenes and fantastic roads.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen is one of the bike-friendly countries in the world. About 62% of people use a bicycle in Denmark, and children are taught to ride a bike at a young age. You will not face any traffic while cycling in Denmark. The countryside of Denmark is quite interesting to travel too. The people of Denmark are so welcoming and friendly. If you are interested in archaeology and Viking history, this is the place for you. Visiting Denmark will be worth your cycling trip.

8. Osaka, Tokyo, Japan:

Cycling in Japan is a popular activity. It is the best way to travel throughout the cities. In spring, Japan called the heaven of cherry blossom. Osaka is the best city to travel to by bicycle. Here, you can visit the town of cycling Sakai. You can also visit the Bicycle Museum in Mozu.  Tokyo is also great for biking. Moreover, you can enjoy bike paths, cycling tours, and ample parking here.

9. Salzkammergut Tour, Austria:

The Danube bike path in Austria is the most famous cycling route in Europe. The Danube represents the natural border between Austria and Germany. It will be better for you to cycle in Danube downstream. This tour takes you along the Danube river. The Salzkammergut tour will take you to no less than thirteen lakes in Austria’s famous lake place. It is a fantastic place with beautiful scenery. It is renowned for its view.

10. The Pamir highway, Fann mountain, Tajikistan:

The Pamir highway is one of the best places for bicycle touring. It is not for the faint-hearted people. You will have to carry your supplies for 3-4 days. There is less oxygen in the air. In the Yagnob valley and Fann Mountain, there is also a lovely mountain biking place. They have excellent roads with beautiful views. The Yagnob valley is one of the most attractive valleys in Tajikistan. Moreover, Fann Mountain has a crystal clear lake view. It is wonderful.

11. Patagonia, Argentina/Chile:

The Patagonia lake district is one of the most extensive landscapes in the world. Their culture and strong European impact will make your tour unforgettable. Its span is 300km from north to south. Million years of the active volcano made their ever-changing scenery. However, the dramatic Andean mountain range between Argentina and Chile overlaps it. It also has a seven-lake route. Patagonia is the best place for a different type of adventure.


The cycle is the best way of traveling. You can connect yourself with nature. You will have more time with your destined place as you need not hurry to catch a bus. Bicycle touring gives us life lessons of our essentials. You can be free and flexible at bike riding. You can start and stop at any time, anywhere. Here, we have discussed some great places for bicycle touring. These places can be the best bicycle-touring destination for you.

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