10 Best solar backpack

The backpack is important for the outdoor. But it is one of the most needed things for hiking. Without a backpack, you can’t go hiking. You need all kinds of personal accessories in your backpack. Now a day, a solar panel backpack is a great invention. It is pretty much helpful for a hiker like you. Because, you need to carry a cell phone, laptop, torch with you. So, you need to charge your all electronic devices. You will get so many designed and features backpacks in the shop. And you may become confused about which one is best for you! So, here we are to help you! We are giving below some best solar backpack descriptions with features after a long study on available all the great solar backpacks.

1. Solar Backpack 7W Solar Panel Charge

ECEEN is a manufacturer of the exclusive backpack. The Company is spread its manufacture into the solar base product. ECEEN is increasing to use of green power technology. It is one of the best choices for outdoor work. The backpack is made of nylon poly. As we know Sun is the main power source of the world. So, we should use sun power properly. The backpack has a 22% transfer rate solar panel. The solar panel is so high quality. You can enjoy nature and preserve the charge at the same time.

Besides, you will get two 5V USB ports and a voltage stability control system. So, you will be safe from electric current damage. A 1.8-liter capacity bladder bag attaches with a flexible soft drinking pipe. A hiker will drink when feeling thirsty. Its weight is only 1.7 pounds. It will not become a cause of your back pain. Water-resistant makes it fit for any weather. Mobile, laptops, and all other electric devices will be safe in your bag. The backpack includes several secure compartments for your devices. You can keep your devices separate from each other.

2. EnerPlex Packr Commuter Solar Powered Backpack

This is another best quality backpack. The product has a 30-liter body. You can carry more items with you. The backpack’s weight is just 1.7 pounds. Which is light enough. The solar panel too much flexible. This makes it very comfortable. It contains a padded laptop compartment with a hole for charging cable pass through. So, The solar panel can give charge directly to your laptop. It is a very easy way to charge your laptop. This design is perfect for hiking activities.

This backpack’s solar panel is used CIGS technology. These are used for making solar panels for this backpack. CIGS solar panel is thinner and lighter. Its shoulder strap is padded and adjustable. It may not cause your shoulder pain. The bag has a business compartment. You can take your pens, all kinds of cards and other utilities with you. This is for the multipurpose usable backpack. A couple of additional zipped pockets to carry water bottles. Therefore, the backpack is not available right now.

3. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

Solar go pack is becoming a vital competitor day by day for ECEEN. ECEEN is not only the manufacturer of innovative solar backpack makers. Solargopack is also making a high-quality solar backpack. This solar backpack has 7watt electric output. It also has a 10000mah charging lithium-ion battery. You can charge 2 smart mobile phones, Tablet for two times, and a laptop for one time. So, the backpack is much reliable. This is a great lightweight backpack. You can feel comfortable using it.

It has a USB port for charging your device. You don’t have to worry about lost communication because of a dead battery. The solar backpack is made of polyester and nylon. It is lightweight and waterproof because of these materials. The product is perfect for long trips. It will make your traveling hassle-free and comfortable. The backpack comes with 40 litter baggage capacity. It has enough space to carry your all kind of things. Moreover, the straps padded backpack does not make any pain in your body.

4. Voltaic Systems – Converter 5 Watt Solar Panel Backpack

This is another best solar backpack. This backpack design is so unique. We should make a habit to use green energy in our daily life. So, some Company has taken a step to make a solar panel based product. A solar backpack is one of them. This Voltaic system has a 5watt solar panel. This solar panel is of very high quality. Your smartphone will be fully charged in three hours in a direct connection with solar. The backpack has a secondary backup battery power system. This battery is 4000mah. The battery is removable and it will get a charge from the solar panel.

The solar backpack has 20 litter storage capacities. It has a special compartment for a 15inch laptop and 10-inch tablet. This is also featured with a large side pocket for small electronic device charging on the go. The backpack has a padding system in the shoulder straps. So, it is very comfortable to carry. The solar panel has an ETFE coating. Which is better than PET coating. So, this panel will last 3 times longer. It will last more than five years. The solar backpack is designed for charging all kinds of the electric devices.


1. Storage capacity is 20 litters

2. High-efficiency cell in solar panel.

3. ETFE coating solar panel

4. 4000mah battery

5. Unique design


1. I need too much time to charge.

2. Very expensive.

5. ECEEN Solar Hiking Backpack

This backpack is another ECEEN product. This backpack is made of 55% nylon and 45% poly. The backpack is 22% high efficiency and 10-watt solar cells three foldable solar systems. Solar panels are made of monocrystalline silicon. So, the solar panel can catch more sunshine and can convert into power in a short time. The product weight is just 4.41 lbs. We can say it is lightweight. You can use it comfortably. You can buy a bladder and a drinking pipe if you need.

The backpack has a 10000mah battery. Do not worry about the dead battery when you need your smartphone. You can charge your mobile, laptop, tablet, and all other electronic devices. So, you will have a connection with the world. This is a feature with two high quality 5V USB port. The product is made with the trampoline suspension system. It is for air pass between your bag and back. You will remain cool and feel comfortable when you use it. Shoulder straps have a unique pad for comfortable and extra ventilation.


1. Made of nylon and poly

2. 10000mah battery

3. 10-watt output

4. Ideal for many outdoor activities

5. Feature EVA foam


1. Price is higher than other solar backpacks

2. Battery power may not enough for a long journey

6. Voltaic Systems Offgrid 10 Watt

The off-grid solar backpack is another best quality product on our list. The voltaic system is manufacturing so many solar backpacks. This quality solar backpack in one of them. This beautiful product is very popular. The backpack weight is just 1.89 kg. Which is enough lightweight. The product has a couple of unique features. These features make it different than other backpacks. The robust solar cell made this. It has a 1-year warranty. And a 2-year warranty on the solar panel.

The backpack has a monocrystalline solar panel help to charge a smartphone in just three hours. Moreover, the solar panel will charge in cloudy weather. The backpack has a padded laptop compartment. You can up to a 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet in this compartment. It is suited for various electronic devices. That means you can charge Mobile, laptop, GPS navigator, tablets and more. Although, the product is not affordable for everyone. Because this solar backpack price is higher than other backpacks.


1. High-quality cells solar panel

2. It comes with a warranty

3. Best for hiking

4. 10000mah battery


1. Not available in all country

2. A little bit pricey

7. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack

This is the ultimate solution for generating green power. The solar panel is removable and it is 22% high efficiency. The backpack cans 15 litter load. You can use this backpack for everyday use and outdoor use. You will get four different options. This backpack features a USB port output. But it has no power bank included. If you want to store solar energy then you should use your power bank. Otherwise, you have to charge directly from the solar panel.

You can charge your mobile with 6watt power. It will take three hours for a full charge. Every single solar is tested before marketing. And it also certified. You will have the certificate with the backpack. Do not worry about solar panel quality. We have known this is the most reliable backpack for everyday and outdoor use. The backpack is made of 600D polyester. Pockets and compartments are easily recognizable. The weight of the product is 2.2lb. Moreover, you can charge a drone with is. But it is needed 6 hours to fully charge.


1. Made of 600D polyester

2. Detachable solar panel

3. Four available color option

4. Can carry 15litter load

5. It can be used for everyday or outdoor


1. The solar panel may not work sometimes

2. Power bank not given

8. ECEEN Solar Backpack Foldable Hiking Daypack

This foldable backpack is manufactured by ECEEN. High-quality nylon and polyester material is used to make this solar backpack. The backpack is capable to take 30 litter loads. Which is more than enough for a person. Zippers are made of quality steel. This product’s weight is 1.19 pounds. It is not too much weight for a solar panel backpack. You can easily fold it and keep your pocket. Shoulder straps are made of a breathable net. It will not make an obstacle for airflow.

The shoulder straps also have sponge padding. Which will help to relieve weight stress from your shoulder? The backpack is featured with a 5V USB port. You can charge all brand smartphones and other necessary devices. This backpack is usable for any kind of outdoor work, like school, work, sports, air travel, etc. You will get 30 days return offer. You will get 1 warranty also. And, the company is giving lifetime customer service. So, do not worry about damage. The company is always with you.


1. Very lightweight

2. The capacity is 30 liter

3. Made of high-quality materials

4. Water-resistant

5. 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support


1. The solar panel is small

2. The USB port does not work sometimes

9. ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack

The back has a 10watt solar panel. It is more than other Solar panel backpacks. Your devices will be charged early enough. This backpack has high quality 5V USB port. You can charge a lot of gadget. You will have no fear of empty battery. The backpack solar panel is removable. You are able to charge directly from the solar panel. The product includes a power bank. So, you should use your power bank to store energy. The backpack is so helpful for any outdoor activity. 1 main pocket and 7 small pockets contained in the backpack.

We have known this is a high-quality backpack. The anti-theft technology made it unique. Zippers of the backpack are fully hidden. No one can easily steel your things. It’s also has a secret pocket. You can keep your important things hidden from others. The solar panel is built with new technology. It will help you to recharge your dead battery very quickly. The company assuring a lifetime warranty. You will get a water-resistant laptop bag and a USB cable as a gift.


1. It has a 10-watt solar panel

2. Anti-theft technology

3. Advance solar panel.

4. Quick charging system.

5. Lifetime warranty.


1. No power bank available.

2. it’s not water-resistant.

10. HAWEEL Outdoor Multi-function  Solar Panel Casual Backpack

This is the last product on our product list. This is made of high-density fabric. That’s why this backpack is water and moisture resistant. The backpack is so strong. It will give more than enough service that you expect. The solar is made of advanced technology. This will take solar energy from the sun and recharge your devices very quickly. The power bank is not available with backpack. So, you have to borrow a power bank with you for extra energy if you need it.

Moreover, the backpack’s shoulder straps have elastic technology. That means your shoulder will relieve stress. The backpack is enough comfortable. You will love it. It has main and multiple internal pockets and compartments for your all-important accessories. The solar backpack features with dual zipper design. This backpack is business trips, office, school, weekends, etc. The solar panel is made from MiaSole FLEX CIGS solar cell. This is very effective to take energy from sunshine. It has a safety feature for controlling electricity flow.

Buying guide: How to choose the best solar backpack

The solar-powered backpack has now become very important for our daily. We are now very much concern about our environment. So, we should use more natural energy than oil energy. That means solar panel backpack has become the most important invention. It has some benefits also.

When you will go for a hiking or long time journey. It will protect your devices from a dead battery. Solar buying is not an easy task. You should pick a good quality product. You have to remember some important things before buying a solar backpack.


If you are preparing to go for a long journey, you need a heavyweight backpack. Because you need to take lots of things with you. The lighter backpack is perfect for a long trip


You need a bigger backpack for hiking and a long trip. So, you can take your all necessary things.

Power capacity and Battery power:

Some new technology is improved solar panel capacity. Some solar panel is only for mobile phone charging and some are for all kind of electronic devices. You need to choose which one is best for you.

USB ports:

More than one USB port featured backpack is better than a single port. Sometimes you may need to charge a couple of devices at a time. Then, this will be helpful. You should select high-quality USB ports to contain a backpack.


The solar panel backpack price is another important thing. A high-quality backpack is expensive than a low-quality product. You have to understand that high quality and featured backpack will not be cheaper.

Power bank:

Power bank is another important issue for you. Some solar backpack does not come with a power bank. So, you have to depend on your power bank. And you will 10k to 20k mah power bank backpack. You have to calculate how much additional energy you need.


Every backpack is not durable. Made of a high-quality material backpack will last longer than a normal backpack.


The backpack is very important for hiking, biking, traveling. But a solar-powered backpack is a bonus for the travel lover. And it is also helpful for our environment. We should make a habit to use solar energy. You will find unlimited energy from the sun. We can use it without keeping our environment healthy.

The solar-powered backpack is an amazing invention. Everyone should use natural energy usable products. A solar backpack is a great product in the modern era. In this article, we have given some best solar backpacks. We hope you can choose your solar backpack by reading this article.

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