10 Best Hiking Trails with Waterfalls in The USA

We are fond of beauty and nature. So, whenever we get free time or leisure from our busy lives, we rush to the beauty of nature. Then we take a rest here, enjoy and feel the charming circumstances with pure and natural sounds. Certainly, it seems that the holly nature is stretching her hands to embrace us. As a nature lover, and you are searching for ”waterfalls near me”, now I will inform you about the 10 best hiking trails with waterfalls near you in the United States. Also, I will discuss the location, hiking facilities, timing, and others in a nutshell. Let’s begin.

Upper DeSoto Falls, Georgia

The upper DeSoto falls lie in Georgia with a bundle of natural beauty. To be very clear, it is in the south of Hiawassee, Georgia. With some legend holds, two waterfalls, tumbling creeks, it is the most preferable to hike. In other words, it is quite impossible to describe its beauty and facilities. After having a hike, you will find two large rushing waterfalls.

The main facility is that the hike is not too long. As a result, you can take your kids along with you. Especially, the DeSoto Falls is a perfect hiking trail with waterfalls for family members. The summer is the perfect time to hike there. Moreover, you will get all facilities there such as a picnic place, hotels, restaurants and whatever you need.

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park is another top hiking trail with waterfalls located 20 miles east-southeast of Salem, Silverton, Oregon. Above all, it is the largest park with 10 notable waterfalls. And 5 of them are more than 100-feet high. The snow-free and mid-winter park remains open all year. Especially, wildflowers bloom in March-May.

Moreover, a visitor usually gets all facilities, including trails, hotels, and so on. Certainly, you can visit it anytime. But you will enjoy a sound environment if you visit it in March-May.

Yosemite Waterfalls, California

You are in California, and searching for ”hikes near me”? Or, if you want to visit snow-covered and the tallest waterfalls, then the Yosemite Waterfalls is the best hiking place. In short, Yosemite hiking place consists of three tall waterfalls located in California, USA. In spring, the waterfalls take the beautiful face with snow. You can enjoy an amazing trail with charming bird sounds and see these waterfalls. Also, the Yosemite Waterfall flows from November through July.

Yosemite Waterfalls, California

Generally, the hiking trail will take 8 hours. And there are the facilities that a visitor must need. Moreover, no slippery trails; long-time trails will hamper you. In my opinion, it is the best hiking trail with waterfalls that I have ever seen.

Alamere Falls, California

The Alamere Falls has a dramatic sight because the water flows from the fall to the beach. This spectacular place located in California is very popular for hiking trails. There a traveler can get some facilities. For example, you can have restrooms, medical treatment, hotels and motels to stay, and emergency needs and what’s not.

By trailing the Alamere Falls, you can enjoy both waterfall and beach views. Many of the visitors who have trailed it said that it was an amazing experience for them. Above all, September and October, when there remains a hot circumstance, September and October are the perfect seasons to visit.

Rainbow Falls Trail, Tennessee

With a 3-5 hours trail to hike, the Rainbow Falls Trail is situated in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA. To describe its natural beauty, firstly you must cross the rocky area by hiking. But after the waterfall, the trail becomes more difficult. So, it is the main formidable task and thrilling path. Also, in winter, you may find ice formation at the time of hiking trails. After some rains, the waterfalls take the best views.

It is a kid-friendly place. Therefore, you can relish it with your family members. Also, the facilities that you will like most are security measures, hotels, and restaurants with natural features, etc. You have to hike to reach the waterfalls, all about 2.7 miles. In summer when the days are clear enough, you should go there. Besides, you can hike it in any season.

Cumberland Falls Trail, Kentucky

Whenever you have free time, I would suggest visiting the .5-mile Cumberland Falls trail. Firstly, you should have to reach Kentucky to hike it. It has 8 great trails to hike, forest trails and views trails, and many things to enjoy. Moreover, you will enjoy its given facilities such as thriller hiking, camping and restaurant and what’s not. Hand-curated maps to the trail, driving by following directions, and pictures are other enjoyable features.

Above all, you will relish the transparent water, large waterfalls, and sea beauties together. The eagle falls trail, gem mine, rainbow mist ride, peak knob 1937 fire tower are the beauties of it. Also, you can go fishing, swimming and so on. It is a great opportunity that anyone can visit it at any season.

Waimoku Falls, Hawaii

If you want to go for a trail with waterfalls and bamboo, and other trees, then the Waimoku Falls is the best choice. Certainly, anybody can get a natural and hollowing sound with the amazing view of waterfalls. This amazing natural flavor is situated in Hawaii, USA. Another beautiful point is that it has 185-foot Makahiku Falls.

small falls in Waimoku Falls trail, Hawaii

It is a suitable place to do a family tour. Enough security measures, easy and safe trails, mesmerizing nature are the facilities of this place. In addition, the Waimoku Fall is a 400 feet tall waterfall. That is why you will surely have a wonderful, thrilling place to spend your vacation with great joy. Anybody can visit this place in any season.

Snoqualmie Falls Trail, Washington

It is one of the 10 best hiking trails with waterfalls near you. It has reached popularity with an easy trail, incredible views, iconic waterfall, and so on. In short, the beauties of this hiking trail are the top observation deck, accessing the trail, trail characteristics, etc. As a result, it has a unique view.

This amazing and alluring spot is located in Washington. Truly, its facilities are beyond dispute. To have a visit safely, all the facilities are here that a visitor needs. For example, fishing, swimming, picnicking, etc., are some of them. For visiting this 1.6- mile trail with a waterfall, October is a perfect time.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Above all, to feel the natural hollowing sounds and see the blue water, you must visit the Havasu Falls. Suppose you are in the green and blue color. How do you feel? That’s why the beauties of it are totally impossible to describe in words. Moreover, you can visit this waterfall in any season.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

This 10-mile trail with a waterfall is located in Arizona. You can enjoy fishing, thrilling boat races, hotels, and others facilities greatly. Whenever you have much free time, go for a trail and see the thrilling nature.

Niagara Falls, New York

Last but not least, the Niagara waterfall is situated in New York. You may think of its beauty by its popularity. To say frankly, it is a massive tourist trap. Certainly, the Niagara waterfall seems like the most formidable fall in North America. If you desire to have the best trail with a fall, it is the best selection for you.

Yes, you can hike it at any time, any season. Also, a visitor will have the best facilities. So, there is nothing to worry about. After that, pet policy, easy trails, security, playgrounds are some special facilities of it.

Frequently Asked Question

How many miles do I able to hike?

Answer: A lot of people will make a plan to hike 3-10 miles per day. But it depends on tracks, weather, will and so on.

What is the highest waterfall in the USA?

Answer: Absolutely, the highest waterfall in the USA is Yosemite Falls. Because it is a 2,425 -feet waterfall. But there are many waterfalls as tall as Yosemite Falls.

In which country the most waterfalls are situated?

Answer: Of course, the name of the country in which most waterfalls are situated in Norway. In short, it is famous for having a lot of waterfalls. As a result, many visitors travel to this country. And in the economy of Norway, the tourist sector of the country plays a prominent role.

To sum up

Traveling is a great hobby or passion for some people. This is because, in every sector of our national and international life, it is assisting. Today I have discussed the best 10 hiking trails with waterfalls near me in the United States of America. From this article, you will know them and their location, hiking facilities, and many more things.

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