10 Best Climbing Gloves of 2021 [Buying Guide]

Climbing is the most popular and adventurous hobby of people across the world. Reaching the top of the mountain is the happiest part of them. Though, it is a challenging and risky job also. Several accidents happen every year. These accidents not only occur for climber inexperience but also their faulty or lower quality climbing gloves. Climbing sometimes has to face a critical situation, and you need to trust your climbing equipment.

How to choose best climbing gloves?

Climbing is a very dangerous yet popular sport, and it is a perfect adventure. Climbing gloves are one of the necessary gear for a climber. It gives safety from any danger during belaying and rappelling. The best climbing gloves selection is not simple. You should have been careful before buying your gloves. You have to make sure that your gloves are a convenient feature. We are giving some instructions below to select the right pair of climbing gloves for you.


Every climbing glove is made of either goat leather or synthetic material. So, you have to know which material glove is perfect for you. The leather glove is robust and comfortable. Leather is usually better than synthetic because it feels very natural. It is flexible and crafty. The leather glove is applicable for dry and cold conditions.

On the other hand, synthetic glove is cheaper than leather. But, synthetic is not durable. You cannot use it for a long time. It will tear up in little time. But it is water-resistant and breathable. Most climbers choose both material gloves, which are strong and durable, also breathable.

Finger length:

There are half-finger, full-finger, and fingerless gloves in the market. Full finger gloves are more protective to your finger, and you can use them for a long time. It will give maximum protection to your hand. But half-finger glove is craftier. Although half finger glove leaves the finger open, it will make your work easier while you will climb.


Dexterity is a crucial thing when you want to climb a mountain or rock. It would help if you felt comfortable while you hang on a mountain edge. The flexible glove will give you more comfort.


Climbing is tough work. Your hand will sweat in climbing time. So, your hand may become slippery. It is very dangerous. The breathable glove will keep your hand dry.

Climber’s kits help them to overcome the crisis. Due to severe accidents, some climbers quit climbing, which is their best-loving job. Climbing gloves are significant among many climbing types of equipment. There are a variety of climbing gloves in the market. Though, it is not so easy to choose the proper climbing gloves. Here, we are presenting some best climbing gloves information.

01. Petzl – CORDEX, Lightweight Gloves for Climbers

Petzl Company is a manufacturer of Caving gear, Climbing gear, and headlamps. The Petzl cordex lightweight climbing gloves are one of the products of them. These gloves are ideal for climbing. The gloves’ weight is just 3.49 pounds, and your hand will adjust to it. The Petzl cordex is for basic climbing and belaying. It may not use for heavy rock climbing. Also, its weight is too high for heavy rock climbing. However, this glove is the best choice for climbers.

Gloves are of 100% goatskin leather and nylon materials; nylon materials made it a breathable glove. The glove has extra protection for critical areas, like fingertips, index finger, and thumb crotch. These areas have a double coating of leather; that’s why it is a durable glove. And your hand will be extra protected while repelling and belaying—the cuffs of this product are made of neoprene and feature velcro closures. So, gloves stay in place. But you can easily take off and take on it.

Petzl - CORDEX, Lightweight Gloves for Climbers

02. Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves

Black Diamond is one of the famous companies in the market. This company is manufacturing high-quality gear for climbing lovers. This climbing glove is specially made for rock climbing. Even their products are affordable also. The black diamond crag is a full-finger product. The design of these gloves is very similar to Petzl cordex. But this glove is lighter. You will have different sizes, don’t worry about fitting.

Black Diamond Crag is made of synthetic leather and has a breathable stretch net. There is an extra precaution for the index finger and thumb crotch, giving you a perfect and comfortable grip. You can climb with handling rope without any hassle. The product is usable for a long time. Usually, you can use these gloves for climbing and belaying. The loop and hook at the wrist are perfectly placed. So, you can easily take on and take it off.

Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves

03. Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves

This is another climbing glove from Black Diamond Company. Though it is half-finger climbing gloves, it is also trendy in the climber. The Black Diamond crag Half Finger Climbing Gloves is specially designed for hot weather. The product is made of synthetic leather. The available size of this product is extra small to extra large. The product also features a breathable system. The breathable design will give you a comfortable feeling. Also, it protects leather parts. You can use it easily in hot weather.

Therefore, Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves is very lightweight, only 50 grams. The extra pad is used in the palm, index finger, and thumb. That is for a comfortable and reliable grip. A climber should have used it belaying and rappelling. Though, climbing gloves are not used for a long time. You would change it after several uses. Otherwise, you may face problems during your climbing. It can become dangerous. Besides, the price of this product is not too much.

Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger

04. Petzl – CORDEX PLUS

Cordex Plus is another high-quality climbing glove of Petzl. This product is made of high-quality materials. So, the gloves do not tear apart very easily. It will protect your hand from injury and impact. The glove also presents you with a combination of comfort and flexibility. Cordex plus gloves have double-layer leather. So, it will not tear. Even you use it for hard rock and vertical rock climbing. Though, gloves are costly. It’s not affordable for everyone.

The product is made from breathable and stretchy mesh. That’s why your hand will get a good fit. Besides, the breathable materials will protect your hand from the slipper. Also, it will prevent you from sweating to keep your hand dry. The gloves feature carabiner holes that help to attach your cloth. This assures that your gloves are always on your hands and don’t off. The design of this glove is genuinely innovative. So, it will fit in your hand. You can move your hand without any hesitation.


05. Outdoor Research Fossil Rock Gloves

Outdoor Research is another renowned company in the world. It has been manufacturing world-class outdoor sports products for over 30 years. Fossil rock glove is one of the best quality products among them. This glove design is very similar to PETZL cordex, a half-finger glove. You can easy to use it for a long time. And, you will not feel uneasy with it. You will get this size from extra small to extra large.

Therefore, the critical areas of this glove have extra protection. So, your hand will not cause injury while climbing. Its breathable system will give you a perfect grip. The glove is not slippery. During wear it, your hand will not sweat. That’s why your hand will remain dry. The product is perfect for rappelling and belaying. You can use it for a long time than other products. Although, the price of this product a little bit high. And you cannot use it in cold weather.

Outdoor Research Fossil Rock

06. Ocun Crack Climbing Gloves

Perfect climbing gloves give you a comfortable climb experience. Ocun climbing gloves design is unique, and it will provide you with a comfortable climb experience. This glove is made of microfiber goat leather stretch materials. So, it is comfortable and flexible climbing. The glove will fit any size of the hand because of its stretchy material. And, it is very lightweight, which makes it very safe and comfortable. You will experience safe and enjoyable climbing. It is perfect for crack climbing.

Moreover, this climbing glove is responsive. The product will give better response and friction, which is very important for a rock climb. The product will provide extra comfort. It is also made to provide extra grip to your hand. There is no chance to fall off from the rock. You can rely on this product. The glove has another feature, Velcro closure, that makes it easy to wear on and off. The glove will not slip off your hand: it will keep you away from danger. You can use it for a long time.

Ocun Crack Climbing Gloves

07. Black Diamond Stone

These stone gloves are one of the best climbing gloves in the market. It is very popular in the stone climber. The product is made from goat leather. They are specially made for belaying and rappelling. This is a fingerless product. You can use it for aid climbing and big wall climbing. The palm and knuckles are patched with a solid yarn stitch to hold up to wear. The stitch is made of Kevlar, which is very strong. So, it will last longer.

Moreover, extra leather is given in the finger area for additional protection. It will provide you with safety, and your hand will not hurt and keep you away from danger. The goat leather is soft; that’s why the gloves’ finger area doesn’t need much time to break-in. You can grip your ropes very easily, and it will give you much comfort. The wrist closure is more significant than other products. It seems bulky than others too. But you can easily take on and off it.

Black Diamond Stone

08. Outdoor Research AirBrake Glove – Men’s

Outdoor Research is a well-known company in the world. If you need good quality belaying work, Outdoor Research Airbrake Glove is best for you. The gloves palms are made of 100% Goat leather, and the back of the gloves are made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The gloves are very durable. The palm has gel padding; That’s why it absorbs heat. So, your hand will remain cold during belaying. And your climbing will be comfortable. These gloves are tough enough to give 100% safety during belaying and rappelling.

Moreover, the gloves are feature Kevlar stitching on the palm area. The suede layer is given for extra safety. Sometimes, climbing becomes dangerous and riskier. You can now climb without any tension with it. Users can do ropework very comfortably. There are ventilations on the back of the fingertips to your hand dry. The ventilation system wipes out the sweat from your hand. So, the gloves will provide total hand protection. Another pretty feature of this glove is the Cuff, made of 100% neoprene and has a loop for the fitting.

Outdoor Research AirBrake

09. FREETOO Airsoft Gloves Men Tactical Gloves

When wanting tactical gloves to buy. This is one of the best choices for you. This is a highly multipurpose usable glove. These gloves are built for all-weather conditions. So, you can get any weather. You will not feel anxiety about it. These gloves are heavy-duty. The palm of the product is made of double layers of synthetic PU leather. So, these are anti-slippery. The flexible material is like a microfiber in the finger area, which provides an excellent grip when working. It is not hard or weighty and fits nicely in your hand.

Therefore, this product has double stitching made stronger for challenging weather conditions. But soft plastic padding system on the knuckles area to protect you from injury and impact. The ventilation of this glove is pretty cool. This feature is made of soft material on the four fingers of the gloves. You can stay cold in hot weather and feel very comfortable. Wrist Velcro is made of soft elastic material and perfectly wraps your wrist. So, it is very comfortable to wear. It is specially made for hunting, cycling, shooting, camping, etc.

FREETOO Airsoft Gloves


Best climbing gloves are important for the climber. It will give safety during climbing. Without gloves, you can fall into danger. While climbing, your hand may become slippery. And you may get an injury. Worst, an accident can become life-threatening. You have to ensure your safety before climbing. These products are of high quality and durable in the market. We hope you have gained knowledge of climbing gloves. Have a pleasant, safe and enjoyable climbing!

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