10 Best Climbing Carabiner of 2021-Strongest carabiners for all situations

A carabiner weighs less than two ounces. However, to emergency responders and the other climbers, it is the difference between life and death. These little clips link together the ropes and safety harnesses that climbers connect to two anchor points on their climbs. However, these lightweights yet the best climbing carabiner clips can hold the full weight of a climber. It is a very essential tool for climbers!

A climber cannot do belaying and rappelling without it. Carabiner has many designs, sizes, and colors. Therefore, we have made vast research to find the best quality Carabiner. After the research, we have found some best climbing carabiners. We hope our information will help to choose the right carabiner for you.

10 Best climbing carabiner at a glance:

  • Petzl – ATTACHE Screw-Lock Carabiner
  • Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner
  • Petzl – DJINN, Carabiner for Crag Climbing, Bent
  • Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Gate Carabiner
  • B-Mardi Ultra Sturdy Locking Carabiner
  • PETZL OXAN Carabiner
  • Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron Carabiner
  • Fusion Climb Contigua II Carabiner
  • PETZL Spirit 3D Screw-Lock Carabiner
  • XINDA Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner

1. Petzl – ATTACHE Screw-Lock Carabiner

petzl attache screw lock carabiner

Petzl Attache is one of the best locking carabiner. The pear shape design makes it unique. It is very easy to tie and untie. The carabiner is specially created for belaying. You will not feel any hitch during doing your work. The product is made of aluminum. Which is a very mild weight but strong. Its weight is just 56 grams. In addition, the product strength is 22KN. This can hold a climber very easily. Therefore, you do not have to worry about falling down.

This carabiner is designed to connect with a harness and belaying with a munter hitch knot. This carabiner has a large gate opening. The gate is 24mm wider. You can on and off it very easily. The carabiner has a screw locking system. It will lock properly. In addition, the gate will be locked until you unlock It., It will make your work comfortable and easy. The Petzl ATTACHE has a red security stripe. It is only you can see when the carabiner will be unlocked. You can make sure by checking visually.

2. Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner

Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner

The Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner is another high-quality carabiner. It is one of the biggest carabiners. This carabiner is a strong and affordable product. It is a flagship product of Black Diamond. If you are looking for a carabiner that can be used for all climbing purposes. Then, this is the most suitable product. The design of this product is like a pear. This shape will give you enough gate opening to set up your belay device and rope. You will gate the 21mm gate opening.

Therefore, the product is made of aluminum. The carabiner’s body is very thick. It can hold a maximum of 5000 pounds. Therefore, it can hold heavy weight than other carabiners. It has a screw locker mechanism. You can easily manage your locking. The locking can be done on one hand. It is the best use for rock climbing. Because during the climbing time you only have one hand free so many times. The carabiner’s weight is just 85 grams. It is weighty than other carabiners. The Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner is made in the USA.

3. Petzl – DJINN, Carabiner for Crag Climbing, Bent

The Djinn is another high-quality product in the Petzl product lineup. This tool is designed for crag climbing. This is a D shape product. Djinn is the best choice for an amateur. The product is made of aluminum. Extra aluminum is added to this product. This made it more durable. This carabiner has a bent gate. The carabiner gate size is 27mm. The gate is enough wider to make your rope clopping easier. Therefore, you can rely on it.

Moreover, the carabiner’s weight is just 45g. It is very light in weight. You can carry it comfortably. This has a snag-free key lock system. That reduces snagging when you clip or unclip it. The frame size is large. Therefore, grabbing it is very easy. H shaped cross-section carabiner is so much helpful. That is for the balance between strength and weight. It gives you enough freedom to move. The DJINN, Carabiner has two versions. You have the opportunity to choose a color from a couple of color options.

4. Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Gate Carabiner

Mad Rock Company was established in 2002. The company is manufacturing innovative products since then. This product is also a high-quality product. This product has two types of the gate opening. Gate is straight for this product. Its weight is just 31 grams. Therefore, It is very lightweight than other products. The carabiner size is a little bit smaller than a regular carabiner. This product is made for an entry-level climber. You will have a 23mm gate opening. You will get a much larger gate opening during rappelling.

The carabiner design is a D shape. You will have a larger gate opening for this. It can take an extra load of weight. It is axis strength 25 KN. This product is made easy to clip. The rope will go easily in the carabiner through its gate. Therefore, you can do you quickly. This Ultralight carabiner is better than a keychain carabiner. This is a notch gate system carabiner. There are three rope can fit in this carabiner belly. This carabiner is best for multi-pitch and traditional climbing. There are two colors available for this product, red for the bent and silver is for the straight gate.

5. B-Mardi Ultra Sturdy Locking Carabiner

This is another best-quality carabiner on the list. This is a strong and long-lasting carabiner. The carabiner is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. That is why it is stronger than other carabiners. You can feel comfortable with it. In addition, it will last longer than other carabiners. This product size is just 3.1 inches. Even you can get it on your hand palm. In addition, the weight of the product is only 20 grams. Which is lighter in weight? You can carry it with you very easily.

If you are looking for a multipurpose usable carabiner, this is one of the best. You can use it for fishing, hammock, hiking, backpack, paddle, traveling, swing, punching bag, and many more things. However, you cannot use it for climbing. It can take a load of up to 1200 kg. That means it is much tougher than other carabiners. This is a D-shaped design carabiner. In addition, it is featured with rustproof. You will find a 0.98-inch gate opening. It has two colors. You will find it in black and white. You will also get three years warranty with it.

6. PETZL OXAN Carabiner

PETZL always tries to give good quality carabiner. That is it has created reliability in the climber. This carabiner is made of high-quality steel. This carabiner is specially made for extreme conditions. Where weight is not a big issue. It is an oval-shaped carabiner. The product weight is 8.3 ounces. Therefore, it is very lightweight. The product is also very useful for setting up anchors. The carabiners gate opening size is 22mm or 24mm. The gate opening size is based on its design. There is two available design of it. Therefore, you have options to choose, which one is better for you.

The product’s main axis strength is 38 KN. The unique design makes it very reliable and dependable. It will give you comfortable positioning during your climbing. In addition, the product reduces the risk of falling. Moreover, the carabiner is a feature with two locking mechanisms. Such as Triact- lock and Screw lock. Triact lock is an automatic locking system with a triple-action gate opening and a Screw lock is a manual locking mechanism. The screw lock system has a safety indicator. When the gate remains open, a red color sign will be visible. Therefore, you can visibly check whether it is locked or not.

7. Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron Carabiner

This is another best-quality carabiner from Black Diamond. They are called the magnetron carabiner. It has a bit different shape to it. In addition, this one is tailored specifically for belaying. The design of this product is very gorgeous. This product’s weight is just 78 grams. Enough lightweight compares to others. You will get a 21mm gate opening of this carabiner. Closed gate strength 22KN. In addition, the open gate strength is 8KN. The product is made of high-quality aluminum. This carabiner is providing maximum safety.

This product gate locking system is very innovative. Its synthetic design lets you open the gate with just one hand. The Black Diamond magnetism gridlock created with magnet power is another version of the auto-locking system. Therefore, you do not need extra time to lock it. You can also use it in one hand. You have to pinch the open it and put the rope through and close it and it clip will close. The key lock system also prevents snagging. The product is made in the USA.

8. Fusion Climb Contigua II Carabiner

Fusion is one of the best carabiners in the world of climbing. This is the second edition of Fusion’s multi-million seller Contigua carabiner family. This carabiner comes with D shape design. The weight of this product is 1.3 oz. That means it is an ultra-lightweight product. The product is made of hard-anodized aluminum. That is why this carabiner is stronger. This carabiner is a long-time usable device. You will find a 0.675-inch gate opening. Gate opening is enough to put in a rope through it.

The carabiner’s strength is 23KN. This is a high load of taker carabiner. You can use it in an emergency and a daily keychain. The clipping system is very smooth. In addition, gate action is very much soft. It will give a hassle-free service when you need it. The carabiner can be used for making a quick draw. Moreover, this product is suitable for female and young climbers. The carabiner comes with a military color finish. You can also buy a set of them. A pack contains 10 pieces.

9. PETZL Spirit 3D Screw-Lock Carabiner

This is another screw-lock carabiner from PETZL. The carabiner is made of aluminum. The material makes it durable and compact. The product weight is 45 grams. So, it is very lightweight. That means the carabiner is very handy. You will get an 18mm gate opening in it. Which is enough large. The gates’ major axis strength is 23KN and the minor gate axis is 8KN. In addition, you will open gate strength is 9KN. Therefore, it can take enough loads of you. Therefore, you can trust it.

Moreover, the design of this carabiner is H-shaped. That is why it has the ability to take a huge amount of weight. The carabiner also has a wide contact surface. So, tie and untie work will be done very comfortably. This Spirit carabiner has a screw lock mechanism. You can handle it easily. The product also has a red color-locking indicator. Therefore, the climber can check visually whether it is locked or unlocked. This will give you enough safety. The color of the carabiner is shiny silver. Additionally, you will get 3 years warranty with it.

10.XINDA Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner

XINDA is a modern company of climbing gear and safety equipment. This carabiner is one of the best without any doubt. This gorgeous carabiner is made of aluminum 7075. This material is used for building an airplane. The carabiner finish is done with anodizing. Because of this, the carabiner is very hard. It will give you a longer service. This tool’s weight is only 2.1oz. The major axis is 22KN and the minor axis is 8KN. This tool’s open gate strength is 7KN. We can tell it is a heavy strong carabiner.

Besides, you will find a 16mm gate opening. It is guaranty not slip due to the screw gate system. You can trust it. The carabiner has the ability to do many kinds of jobs. For example, long-distance climbing, hiking, camping, caving, rappelling, etc. The product is manufactured with an auto-locking mechanism. So, no need to lock it. It will automatically. Therefore, you will be safe from any kind of accident. The carabiner is the best choice for beginners. Sometimes they forget to lock it. The product comes with some warranty service.

What to look for choosing the best climbing carabiner?

A carabiner is one of the most essential tools for climbers. Without it, their climbing will become life-threatening. Without having the correct information, you cannot buy a quality carabiner. Therefore, we’re here to help you to select a high-quality carabiner. Before purchasing a carabiner, you should have known about it. The given information will be helpful for you to buy the best carabiner. 

Locking or without locking: 

There are two carabiner types; both types are essential in their work field. Locking carabiner is usable for belaying, rappelling, building anchors. None locking is usually used for taking protection, making quickdraws, and clipping gear. Therefore, you have to make sure of the purpose of the carabiner.


A larger carabiner has a large gate opening for the rope. The larger tool is easy to control. This kind of carabiner is best for belaying and rappelling. However, small carabiners are easy to carry. In addition, it is very for the beginner.


If you are a climber, then you need lower weight carabiner. Therefore, you can experience comfortable climbing. We prefer to select a lightweight carabiner. Although their expensive them others


You have to buy lower price gear to manage your budget for the climbing tool. However, you should have ensured carabiner quality, a High-quality product made of high-quality aluminum. Therefore, they are powerful and lightweight. A climber should take care of their gear. Therefore, the carabiner will remain strong for a long time.

Locking system: 

A locking system is significant for buying a carabiner. There are many locking systems, such as Auto-locking, screw locking, screw gate, wire gate, bent gate, straight gate, key lock nose, etc. 


You will find thousands of carabiners in the market. It will be tough to buy the best carabiner for you. The carabiner is usually used for belaying and rappelling. Besides, you can use it for multipurpose. You can also use it for Hammock, Hiking, Camping, Dog outing, etc.

The carabiner should have been quality full. Climbing is a risky job. You may fall during climbing. A good quality carabiner will give you safety. So, always try to buy high-quality carabiner. We hope now you can choose the best climbing carabiner for you.

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